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Taylor’s Lectures In Sections

The Taylors Ritual Association


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The most detailed and authoritive text on the true meaning of the Taylors Masonic rituals! The principal contents of this book are the Official Taylors Lectures on the Three Degrees of Craft Freemasonry. These lectures deal with the description of the ritual of those Degrees along with their moral and symbolic significance and are of a formal nature, arranged as catechisms – that is by question and answer form. The text can be studied at home or can be preformed by two or more brethren in open lodge. Much evidence suggests that many sections of these lectures are as old as the degrees themselves. This book adds much to ones enjoyment and understanding of Freemasonry.

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The Taylors Ritual Association

Publication Date

27th February 2015

Author Bio

Taylors Ritual Association

Experienced Freemasons who take pride in ritual
The Taylor’s Ritual Association is comprised of a group of experienced Freemasons who take pride in ritual and who believe that good ritual delivery is the keystone of an enjoyable Masonic ceremony, particularly for the candidate whose positive impression is paramount.

Our objective is to improve the quality of ceremonial delivery and increase the knowledge and understanding of its teachings throughout Taylor’s working Lodges.

Our strategy is:
To reach as wide an audience as possible
To communicate with and involve fellow enthusiasts of Taylor’s Ritual
To involve as many Taylor’s Ritual enthusiasts as possible in promoting best practice teaching and performance
To adapt the organisation to focus on Directors of Ceremonies and Preceptors

To this end the Ritual Association provides various services, tools and resources:
A conduit and focus point for interested and involved ritualists
A repository of best practice working for Taylor’s Lodges and Lodges of Instruction
Provision of clarity and advice on ceremonial procedures, particularly for Directors of Ceremonies and Preceptors
A body of association for Taylors’ working Lodges to communicate and interact; to promote meetings, events and anything else of interest to other Taylors’ Freemasons and Freemasons generally