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When James Hogg produced his first successful publication under the pseudonym A.Lewis in 1864, the telephone was just being invented. To him the idea that ritual could be stored in a form of memory other than that of the brothers in his lodge would have seemed fantastical to say the least.

He was, however, passionate about helping his fellow Mason learn ritual and the modernisation of Masonry. In fact, he had seen that Masonic exposés were being used by Masons as an aid for learning, and thought that a proper ritual book should be produced.  This would allow Masons to learn the official ritual without the corruption and confusion of using editions produced by opponents of the craft.

It was this inspiration that led to him publishing the first ever commercially produced Masonic ritual book called Perfect Working.

In the modern age Lewis Masonic has the same goals: to aid the Brethren in their masonic education and to make sure that brethren learn the genuine Masonic ritual, rather than poor quality counterfeit rituals produced digitally and unscrupulously circulated.

It is for this reason we have created Lewis Masonic Digital. The only website that you can trust to be producing ebooks of the most up-to-date official rituals for Craft and Royal Arch masonry in an easy-to-use, downloadable electronic format.

Masonic knowledge ebook of The Secret School of Wisdom
Masonic knowledge ebook of MM Taylor's Handbook of Craft Freemasonry
Universal Ritual Inner Working Masonic ebook

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