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Universal Ritual Inner Working

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During the Ceremony of Installation there comes a time when the current Master installs the Master Elect of the lodge in his stead. To do this a board of Installed Masters is called in and a ceremony takes place to transfer the authority of the lodge and place the new Master in the chair of King Solomon. This section of the ritual is known as the Inner Working. The Universal Ritual Inner Working book contains the Univeral Workings vertion of the Inner Working and is to be used with the Univeral Workings Ritual book.

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When John Hogg started A Lewis in 1864 his aim was to support Freemasonry. He started with philosophical and symbolic works, but soon noticed that he could help the Craft in another way. When visiting lodges he noticed that brethren were using exposés to learn their ritual, which were originally published by non-masons and unsurprisingly were embellishments and errors since they didn’t really know what they were doing. As a result of this he started musing on the idea of official ritual books to prevent Masonic ritual being corrupted by those who oppose it. In 1845 Richard Carlile published Manual of Freemasonry containing all the Craft Degree Rituals, but this was once again an exposé by a non-Freemason. It was used by so many Freemasons to help learn ritual that Hogg finally took action and published the words and tracing boards of the Emulation Rituals under the name Perfect Working for brethren to study. To start with he used the name A Lewis to protect himself from Masonic authorities who had not yet realised the value in what he was doing. After a few years the popularity of his books amongst brethren, as well as the increase in the accuracy and greater understanding of ritual in lodge, convinced the Masonic authorities of the worth in his publications. For over 15 years A Lewis continued to buy, inherit and take on rituals for publication, many of which are still published by Lewis Masonic today.

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27th February 2015